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Give us a little of your time and you'll be introduced to:

  • How to "buy at a wholesale, sell at retail" like financial institutions
  • How to navigate today's increasingly volatile markets and manage risk
  • Common mistakes of the novice investor and how to reduce them
  • How you can time the market by waiting for opportunity to come to you
  • A rules-based strategy for trading in any market and any asset class

Who Should Attend

The free introductory half-day class is designed for people who are interested to begin to learn more about how they can make the right moves in the financial markets. This includes:

  1. Investors who are frustrated with the performance of their retirement accounts and are concerned they may outlive their money. Many lost money in previous market crashes (2008 and 2000) and are nervous of another. These investors come to the class to start to understand what they could do to learn how to protect and grow their portfolio.
  2. Traders who come to the class because they are tired of not seeing the results they hoped for. Most of them have been using technical analysis for years with little to possibly no reward for their efforts. They attend the class to begin to learn about strategies designed to help find high probability, low-risk income opportunities.
  3. People who have little to no experience trading or investing. Many of these folks worry about what losing their job would do to their lifestyle or are tired of working so hard just to make someone else rich. They attend the class to discover trading and investing strategies designed to produce a second stream of income.

If you find yourself identifying with any of these situations, the free introductory half-day class is just for you.

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Our 110 experienced instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, including floor traders, market makers, money managers—and former students who’ve learned how to trade and pass on their skills and knowledge.

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